Our group’s research interests bridge among the synthesis of nanostructured materials, additive manufacturing, and understanding the underlying mechanisms that control the mechanical behavior of various advanced materials (metals and alloys, carbon-based materials, 2D materials, and porous materials). We apply in situ characterization techniques (e.g., in situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction, computed tomography, transmission electron microscopy) to probe how the defects interact with surfaces or interfaces. Our research is focused on achieving high-performance structural materials via microstructure engineering. Occasionally, we are also interested in their functional properties such as electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, catalytic activities, and electrochemical energy storage capacity. Our experimental work is more often coupled with computer modeling to help deepen our understanding of structure-property relationships. In addition to materials science, we welcome students with a strong background in applied physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering to join the team.

Check out our latest news!

Take a look at our new Nature article: “Strong yet ductile nanolamellar high-entropy alloys by additive manufacturing!”

The new article on strong and ductile high entropy alloys by additive manufacturing has been published in August 4, 2022 issue of Nature (in collaboration with University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National...

Congratulations for graduating, Sydney!

Our undergrad, Sydney, just graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering this week, now she's off to work at Honda!! Congrats 🙂

Mengchen Li ranked 11th place in the 27th International Hand Launch Glider Festival!

Our group member Mengchen Li took part in the 27th International Hand Launch Glider Festival at Poway on April 23rd and 24th, as a co-organizer and a competitor. After two days’ competition. Mengchen ranked 10th in preliminary rounds and made the flyoffs among 65...

Welcome to Morris group, Mengchen and Zelin!

We are happy to announce the addition of two new members to Morris group! Mengchen Li and Zelin Deng just joined as 1st year masters' students--we look forward to working with them!!

New Nature Nanotechnology Paper: Restacked quantum films with ultrahigh-rate electrochemical capacitance

Our group’s work (in collaboration with Prof. Dunn, Shanghai Jian Tong University, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) on restacked 2D materials quantum-sheet films has been published online by Nature Nanotechnology. We developed an exfoliation-and-restacking...

New additive manufacturing course taught by Prof. Wang–Winter 2022

Additive Manufacturing has become a popular and disruptive technology for the Industry 4.0 revolution. The objective of this course is to educate and discuss numerous materials science topics encountered in additive manufacturing, including metals and alloys,...

Nature Materials Cover in Collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

In collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the work on 3D printed architected carbon tube-in-tube structure has been published in November issue of Nature Materials as the front cover article. The material has ultralow density and ultrahigh...

For those who are interested in joining the group, please apply directly through our department portal. We will not reply to individual inquiries. The selected candidates will be interviewed after the application deadline. Thank you!